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24/7 Workplace Injury Triage Hotline

  • Immediately following a workplace injury, the Injured Worker should notify their Supervisor of the incident.

  • The Supervisor and Injured Worker should immediately call the Triage Hotline which will connect them directly with a Registered Nurse.

  • The Nurse will gather details from the Injured Worker regarding the injury to provide appropriate medical triage according to established protocols. This may include instructions for self-care / first-aid (per protocols), a referral to a preferred provider clinic, or a referral to the Emergency Room. 

In the event of life or limb threatening injuries, please call 911 or go directly to the nearest Emergency Room. Do not call the Triage Hotline. 


Triage Nationwide Statistics

  • 75% of ER Visits and Urgent Care Visits - Not Necessary

  • 70% of Employers Today Are Offering Telehealth Programs

In a 3- year history of using Triage in our 3 Pilot Companies

  • Presently serving 390 companies

  • Results Were Phenomenal 

  • Non-Profit Program Increased Dividends from $2 million to $4 million

The Financial Numbers

  • 63% Of Triage Calls Result in Self Care

  • 5% of Those Calls Go to the Doctor Within 48 Hours

  • Net 58% Triage Calls Result in No Outside Medical Treatment

  • Significant Direct and Indirect Savings

  • Average Medical Only Claim Cost is $2,200

  • Assume 1,000 Triage Calls 

  • 580 Calls Require No Outside Medical Treatment

  • 580 X $2,200 = $1,276,000 Savings

  • 1 Out of Every 2 Triage Calls Results In No Outside Medical Treatment

  • Employer Saves $2,200 In Claims Costs Each Time

  • Reduced Claims Cost = Reduced Premium

  • Reduced Claims Cost = Lower EMR

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