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History of Millennium Risk Managers

Left to Right: Lindsey Young, Terry Young, Lauren Craig

Millennium Risk Managers was originally formed in February 1999 as a full service workers compensation third-party administrator for claims management. MRM was originally formed by two partners, Terry Young and Tom Roper. Fast forward to 2015 Tom Roper retired and Terry Young became the sole owner of MRM and its affiliates.


In the beginning, MRM started out as a workers compensation claims administration company for large self insured group funds in the state of Alabama. These group funds were directly involved in the public entity sector, construction industry, healthcare industry and manufacturing industry. After a short few years, MRM began expanding into the individual self insured corporate marketplace, handling claims for large self insured, for profit and not-for-profit entities. In the early stages of MRM‘s formation and first year of operation, MRM acquired another Alabama-based Workers Compensation TPA, by the name of Association Resources Inc. Through this acquisition, MRM acquired 25% ownership in the largest Workers Compensation PPO network in the state of Alabama. MRM still owns 25% of this organization, AlaMed. AlaMed has over 11,000 medical providers under contract within the state of Alabama providing Workers Compensation and occupational medical services to the injured worker population in our state.


MRM has continued to grow and expand its footprint in the state of Alabama with Workers Compensation clients. Over the first 15 years, MRM reached a milestone of handling claims for over 1,000 corporations in the state of Alabama. In fiscal year 2020, MRM has exceeded 1,350 corporations in Alabama. They handle workers comp claims, administration claims and services.

MRM has had a continuous successful run for the last 21 years in the state of Alabama managing Worker’s Compensation claims administration, medical PPO networks, and medical bill repricing.  MRM has continued to expand its products and services all in the arena of workers comp claims administration, insurance and medical claims management, utilization review and medical cost containment.


In 2015 MRM acquired a medical billing company that processed and handled medical billing services for physician practices, hospitals, physical therapy clinics and a host of medical providers looking to outsource those services. MRM handled clients from Alabama to Las Vegas to Arkansas. This acquisition was necessary for MRM to gain an on the job masters education and understanding and managing medical billing, bill review and bill repricing.

In 2016 MRM started another division for the medical bill review, management and payment processing of inmate health care medical bills for the county jail systems throughout Alabama. This program has been extremely successful with MRM handling multiple County Jail systems within the state.

In 2017 MRM created another division in which they provide exclusive services for Worker’s Compensation medical bill review, repricing and medical payment services, for clients needing those services in the state of Alabama utilizing the AlaMed network and the Health Choice network. These two networks combined have over 18,500 medical providers under contract in the state of Alabama.

In 2018 MRM purchased controlling interest in the largest healthcare PPO network in the state of Alabama second only to Blue Cross Blue Shield. This entity call Health Choice has over 7500 medical providers directly contracted for healthcare services throughout the state of Alabama. This entity has over 150 customers which consist of insurance companies, bill review companies, insurance brokerage operations, third-party administrators, and large self-insured employers who look for alternative access to healthcare providers, who want to develop high performance narrow networks within the state of Alabama.

In 2019 MRM was chosen to form a new division under the flag called Alabama First Responders Benefits Program. This new entity participated with industry stakeholders in creating the first fire fighter cancer and disability program organized under the new law that went in effect January 1, 2020. This entity delivers fire fighter cancer and disability coverage to hundreds of cities throughout the state of Alabama, as well as volunteer fire departments to protect our first responders in this industry, from fire fighter cancer and the disabilities that are a result of that disease. MRM is proud to serve our first responders industry.


2020 has brought many challenges to our industry and corporations and families worldwide. We are thankful and appreciative of our customer relationships and the opportunity to serve the industries in which we do. We look forward to many more years in the future of great success and delivering high-quality products and services to our clients.

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