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Insurance Policy Administration

The MRM insurance policy administration department is a full service policy and coverage department, to support your group self insurance fund back office program. Our policy administration department handles all aspects of insurance coverage/policy management. 


Some of the services that we provide through this department are as follows:


New business quoting, underwriting, rating, quoting and issuance of quote, handling all questions reference the new business quote, account binding and putting coverage in force, application process and administration of all required documents for new coverage, billing, collections, etc. 


We also provide all customer service and support functions of that policy and coverage during the year. We handle all coverage endorsements, certificates of insurance, waivers of subrogation, notices of cancellation, customer contract insurance requirements, adding and deleting of locations and additional coverages, total solution services during the policy term.


The policy admin department also is directly involved in the entire renewal process and handles all renewal underwriting, quoting, rating, customized underwriting, renewal documentation, renewal billing, rate development, experience mod ratings, loss cost multiplier consultant, etc. 


The MRM policy administration department has a fully integrated policy administration system, with financial modules that are fully integrated into the claim system, for total policy and claims management. Our department is also staffed with account managers and customer service reps, who have specialties and niches within the specific industry of the clients that we serve. This department also provides all reports, documentation and data required by auditors and actuaries, for both policy administration audits as well as claims audits on behalf of the client. We have over 100 stock management reports within our system and have the ability to create customize one off reports per the client specifications.


We are happy to provide all or a portion of our comprehensive policy administration services to all clients within our organization. If you have any specific questions about our policy administration department and it’s technical capabilities please don’t hesitate to give us a call.


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