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Alabama firefighters learn how to convert valuable cancer coverage upon retirement!

It was a pleasure to attend the Alabama Association of Fire Chiefs Summer Leadership Conference in August at the Perdido Beach Resort in support of our great state's Alabama Fire Chiefs. Thank you for having us and we look forward to helping your departments with their Critical Illness/Cancer and LTD coverages written through The Alabama First Responders Benefits Program.

Welcome to the 2020 AAFC Summer Leadership Conference

AAFC President and City of Calera Fire Chief, Sean Kendrick, provides a warm welcome to attendees at the 2020 AAFC Conference during the opening ceremonies. An emotional tribute to the 2019-2020 Fallen Fire Chiefs commenced with a remarkable performance of the National Anthem from Fallen Fire Chief John Bresnan's daughter, Lexi Bresnan. What a privilege it was to witness the memorial service.

ALFRBP Networking

The Alabama First Responders Benefits Program provides Critical Illness (Cancer) and Long Term Disability Benefits to Alabama Fire Fighters under the ACT 2019-361 Law enforced on January 01, 2020. Now protecting hundreds of Alabama Firefighters and their families in the program.

Conversion of Cancer & LTD Benefits

In case you missed the presentation on Connecting the Dots for Retiring Firefighters you may request information on "How to Convert Benefits" in the event of retirement and "How to File a Claim" by clicking the link below, which leads you directly to ALFRBP Account Representative, Kendra Harrington. Email:

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